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Maccabi SA is honoured to compete at EMG 2015

The European Maccabi Games (EMG), an offshoot of the World Maccabi Games in Israel, takes place every four years in a different European city.The 14th EMG are being held for the first time in Germany, from 27 July to 5 August in Berlin.

These Games are special for two reasons: for the first time in our history, Maccabi South Africa is participating in the event. Secondly, the choice of Berlin is of great significance as the opening ceremony will be held in the same Olympic Park as the 1936 Olympics where Jews were banned from the German delegation. Now almost eighty years later, over 2000 Jewish athletes will compete in the German capital, once a place of such extreme hatred and discrimination.

“We recognised the symbolic importance of raising Maccabi flags where Nazi flags once hung. We want to show that we are fearless,” explained Organising Committee member Rebecca Kowalski on the selection of Olympic Park as a Games venue.

Alon Meyer, President of Maccabi Germany said: “The time has come to show Europe and the world that Jewish life is blossoming here again and that we have become a solid and confident part of German society.’’

Maccabi South Africa is sending a delegation of 37 persons to the Games, led by Maccabi SA Chairman Cliff Garrun, which includes three futsal teams and two swimmers. Garrun is an accomplished swimmer having competed at three Maccabiah (1973, 2009 and 2013) winning a total of 10 medals. In a proud moment in 2009 Cliff and daughter Kim both won swimming medals, and will be competing in seven events overall in Berlin.

“We are honoured and delighted to be competing for the first time in the European Maccabi Games, especially in Berlin which has such significance in our Jewish history. We look forward to proudly displaying the Magen David while representing South Africa, a country which has fought and conquered discrimination,’’ commented Garrun.

The Maccabi SA Futsal Programme has flourished under the leadership of dedicated, volunteer Futsal Co-ordinator Ronen Cohen, who is also a successful Maccabian. As a Junior, Cohen won a medal for Table Tennis at the 1997 Maccabi Games. He has since participated in various player, coach and management capacities in 2005 and 2009 (soccer), 2011 (Pan American Games futsal) and 2013 (futsal), and is now participating in the European Games as a Masters player, Open Manager and Junior Coach. Following the teams’ kit handover on Tuesday 21 July, Cohen said: “I am very pleased with the immense hard work and effort our players, coaches, support staff and parents have put in to prepare for these Games over the past 18 months. It will be a privilege to compete in Berlin and we will strive to represent Maccabi SA and our nation with pride.”

Maccabi SA U16 Futsal Team

Maccabi SA U16 Futsal Team

Maccabi SA Open Futsal Team

The Maccabi SA delegation is as follows:

Head of Delegation: Cliff Garrun

Junior/U16 Futsal:

Manager: H Groner; Assistant Manager: J Cohen; Coach: R Cohen; Assistant Coach: L Groner

Team: A Benjamin; A Berchowitz; J Bernstein; Z Cohen; A Glanz; D Greenberg; Z Israel (Capt); J Roup (Vice-Capt); D Sheinbar; J Sher; J Tarlie; D Trappler.

Open Futsal

Manager: R Cohen; Coach/player: S Lange

Team: G Cohen; S Cohen (Vice-Capt); L Groner; S Lange (Capt); E Lazarus; D Lutzno; D Osher; I Propheta; R Smith; G Vituli; A Witz; C Yuter.

 Masters Futsal

Manager/player: R Cohen; L Zive

Team: W Avnit; A Cohen (Capt); R Cohen; H Dobrin; A Freeman; G Hatzkilson; T Morris; D Woznica; L Zive (Vice-Capt).


Masters: Cliff Garrun

Open: Kim Garrun


Junior Futsal – Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Great Britain

Open Futsal – Group A, B, C + Group D: Germany, South Africa, Estonia, Switzerland

Masters Futsal – Group A + Group B: Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, South Africa


Tues 28 July Masters 12h00 Denmark South Africa
  Open 14h30 Germany South Africa
Wed 29 July Juniors 12h30 South Africa Great Britain
Thurs 30 July Masters 08h30 Spain South Africa
  Juniors 09h00 Turkey South Africa
  Open 16h00 South Africa Estonia
Friday 31 July Juniors 10h00 South Africa Spain
  Open 15h15 South Africa Switzerland
  Masters 17h00 South Africa Great Britain


Fixtures on 29, 30 and 31 July.

Cliff Garrun – Masters: 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle

Kim Garrun – Open: 50m backstroke, 50 freestyle, 100m freestyle

Team Maccabi SA departs for Germany on Sunday 26 July. We wish our athletes all the very best of success!

Keep an eye on our website and social media for all the action and results from #EMG2015. You can also follow onwww.emg2015.de/en, Twitter: @emg2015 and FB: European Maccabi Games Berlin 2015.






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