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Maccabi SA announces new Board of Directors

5 November 2019
Maccabi South Africa held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, 3 November at Beyachad in Johannesburg, where the new Board of Directors was announced.

In attendance was the Maccabi SA Executive and representatives of Maccabi Western Province Executive, Sports Convenors and the SAJBD. Special guests included Maccabi SA’s Honorary Life President George Mendelsohn and Honorary Life Members Abe ‘Butch’ Blacher and Jack Lurie.

In order to optimise its service to the community, Maccabi SA undertook a review of its constitutional and governance structures, to bring them in line with current organisational needs and best practice. A new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) was officially adopted earlier this year, following an 18-month process of review, discussion and consultation.

In accordance with the MOI, a new Board of Directors was elected at the AGM. The following eight persons were nominated and accepted the role as Director (in alphabetical order by surname):

  1. Leslie Cohen
  2. Clifford Garrun
  3. Rosalynne Goldin
  4. Desmond Hyman
  5. Brad Kaftel
  6. Ashley Kotzin
  7. Lawrence Sacke
  8. David Silverman (WP)

The Board will convene at a date in the near future at which time the Chairperson, Vice Chair and Treasurer will be elected. The Board will have the mandate to create sub-committees to deliver specific objectives, for example: 2021 Games; Fundraising; Gauteng Sports Committee.

The Board will serve until 2021, with new elections taking place six months after the Maccabiah. In compliance with the Companies Act, one third of the Board is required to be re-elected annually. It is intended that the Board provide leadership from one Maccabiah to the next, and as such the successive Boards will serve four years (eg 2021 – 2025 and so on).

Cliff Garrun, Maccabi SA’s incumbent Chairman, thanked all for their contribution in assisting the organisation to achieve this milestone. ‘’We have undertaken a lengthy process to ensure that we create an effective model which will provide for sound governance processes. I am confident we have achieved the best structure, together with a talented group of leaders whose credibility, knowledge and experience can provide the strategic direction to deliver a commercially viable and sustainable community sports organisation into the future,’’ commented Garrun.

Mervyn Tankelowitz, who served as Maccabi SA Chairman from 2007 – 2010, and since then as its President, will now adopt a new consultancy role as emissary to Maccabi World Union (MWU). Winner of the coveted international Yakir Award in 2013 for services to Maccabi, Mervyn has built a strong network of friendships, which will assist Maccabi SA’s relationships within the global family.

In the second part of the AGM, Maccabi SA NPC’s Annual Financial Statements for 2018 were presented by incumbent Treasurer, Les Cohen and accepted.

Lastly, Maccabi SA Sports Director, Jarred Gronemann provided an update on planning for the 2021 Maccabiah. A shortlist of sports has been selected, and discussions are being held with potential Convenors to champion each of these. The next Games workshop is being held on 13 November, whereafter details will be provided on personnel, timelines and next steps.

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