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Privacy Policy

Your privacy and data security is important to us.

Personal information may be used for a number of purposes connected with Maccabi SA’s operations, which include but are not limited to:

  • Newsletter and emailer distribution
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Maccabi SA General Fundraising Terms and Conditions

 1)      Maccabi SA is a registered NPO and raises funds to assist teams and individuals to attend the Maccabi Games in Israel. Maccabi SA also fundraises for the organisation itself.

2)      No person, company or group may fundraise for or on behalf of Maccabi SA without prior consultation and express written permission from the National Executive of Maccabi SA. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in legal action.

3)      Maccabi SA teams and participants will need prior written permission from the Maccabi SA Sports Director or Chairman in order to conduct any fundraising activities on behalf of Maccabi SA, which shall not unreasonably be withheld.

4)      After a fundraising event is completed, Maccabi SA requires a financial reconciliation of the income and expenses of the activity.

5)      Monies raised from fundraising activities, including but not limited to the #TeamMaccabiSA Raffle, are not refundable or transferable.

6)      Maccabi SA is not liable for any negligence and/or financial irregularity by any teams or persons raising funds on behalf of Maccabi SA.

#TeamMaccabiSA Raffle Terms and Conditions

  • The purpose of this Raffle is to raise funds to assist #TeamMaccabiSA to attend the 2017 Maccabi Games in Israel
  • Only authorised members of #TeamMaccabiSA may sell Raffle tickets.
  • A ticket costs R200 (Two Hundred Rand). There is no discount for multiple ticket purchases. One ticket equals one entry into the Draw.
  • Payment may only be made in CASH (in person) or by CREDIT CARD (online). Ticket purchases are not refundable.
  • For online purchases only, please note the following:
    1. An 5% admin fee will be deducted from the R200 cost per ticket and the balance paid to the participant. The purchaser has the option to pay this admin fee so that the participant receives the full amount of R200 per ticket.
    2. You may allocate your payment to a sports/team or an individual.
    3. You may purchase a maximum of 20 tickets per transaction.
  • Entries will be submitted into the Draw only when full payment is received. Only entries submitted to Maccabi SA will be eligible for the Draw.
  • Entries for the Draw close at midnight on 14 May 2017. Any entries received by Maccabi SA after this date will be considered donations.
  • The Draw will take place towards end of May 2017. The date and venue will be confirmed on maccabi.co.za
  • Maccabi SA accepts no responsibility for entries which are lost, damaged, illegible or from which the winner cannot be identified.
  • Maccabi SA accepts no responsibility for any technical failure or occurrence which causes the Draw to be disrupted or cancelled.
  • The first entry drawn with the correct answer will win the Grand Prize of a new motor vehicle. The full order of the Draw and details of all prizes will be published on maccabi.co.za
  • Winners will be notified telephonically and/or by email no later than five working days after the Draw date. The list of winners will be published on maccabi.co.za
  • Winners must present proof of identification to receive their prize.
  • Winners are required to collect their prizes.
  • The results of the Draw are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Maccabi SA Fundraising T+C’s for the 2017 Maccabi Games apply.


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