A key objective of Maccabi SA is to assist those in need, both in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. We have begun to build the foundations for a meaningful Maccabi Outreach Programme while also supporting charitable sporting causes, such as the Ride4AfricaIsrael project.

We have three key focus areas:

1. The establishment of the Maccabiah Youth Fund, which provides financial and/or other assistance to Jewish sportspersons who would otherwise not be able to attend the Maccabiah and experience Israel.

2. Facilitating a transfer of skills from our coaches to community coaches who may be in need of training, knowledge, mentorship and practical experience, thereby assisting them to become self-sufficient.

3. Sourcing sports equipment for disadvantage individuals and communities…


An ongoing Maccabi SA project is the collection and donation of second hand SPORTS EQUIPMENT, whereby we identify and deliver equipment to the relevant community in need. The current primary recipient of equipment donations is Afrika Tikkun, who provide an excellent sports programme as part of their Cradle to Career model.

We appeal to you to please donate any sports gear that is still in reasonable condition. All goods are welcome but the following is especially useful:

  • Balls: soccer, rugby, netball, cricket, tennis, squash
  • Cricket: bats, pads, helmets, gloves, boxes
  • Tennis and squash racquets
  • All sports shoes (eg: sneakers, soccer/ cricket/ rugby boots)

If you wish to donate or have any queries, please email us: admin@maccabi.co.za