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Maccabi SA to host Afrika Tikkun Sports Day

On Sunday 6 Dec, Maccabi SA will be hosting youth from Afrika Tikkun at a Sports Day (Covid compliant), sponsored by the Sandton Action Sports Arena in Jo'burg.

The participants, aged 9 – 17, who are from Afrika Tikkun’s Gauteng Centres, will take part in indoor netball, soccer and cricket matches. The events will be managed by Maccabi SA and members of Afrika Tikkun’s Young Urban Man and Woman programme, which upskills young adults to work in the community and receive further education and skills.

After the games, Maccabi SA will do a handover to Afrika Tikkun’s Thomas Taole of sports equipment and clothing which have been generously donated by the community over the past year, including items for cricket, soccer, tennis, swimming, cycling, hockey and golf.

Afrika Tikkun was founded in 1994 with the goal of developing and uplifting young people in under privileged communities in South Africa. They work to end child poverty and youth unemployment through their Cradle-to-Career 360° model, which includes a comprehensive sports programme.

Maccabi SA is honoured to once again host an event with this remarkable organisation which is making such an important contribution to our country.


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