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Bidvest Maccabi Fun Run – 17 June 2018

17 Jun 2018
The Bidvest Maccabi Fun Run will take place on 17 June 2018 at Huddle park in Johannesburg.


The run/walk is hosted by Maccabi SA and is for the Jewish Community and will be in support of Jewish Organisations and Charities. Entrants may choose to designate their entry fees the other Jewish Charity/Organisation if their choice when entering. The run will consist of a 1KM Kiddies dash and a 5KM Run/Walk through Huddle park where 300 Vitality points will be up for grabs (Only 5KM is timed and eligible for points)


  • DATE: Sunday 17 June 2018
  • VENUE: Huddle Park, Club Street, Linksfield, JHB
  • TIMES: 1KM  – 09:40 / 5KM  – 10:00 

Important information:

  • Bidvest MaccabiFun Run/Walk will take place within Huddle Park.
  • Entertainment, Kosher Food stalls and Charity/Organisations Expo will be available.
  • Well behaved dogs on leads will be allowed. The owner will take full responsibility for dog and its behaviour.
  • Water is provide at start/finish & Halfway mark.
  •  The first 600 entries will receive a free Goodie bag.
  • When entering the 5Km, you will receive a timing chip that attaches to shoe laces.
  • Goodie bags and timing chips need to be pre-collected and cannot be collected on the day.
  • Collection days will be 14 & 15 June – Details are provided in confirmation once you have entered into the event.

Online entries closed!!! Limited entries will be available on the day. We suggest arriving at 8:45 to avoid disappointment. Entries will be R200 – Cash or Zapper

See our participating Charities and Organisations below:

Bnei Akiva South Africa

Bnei Akiva South Africa is a branch of the World Bnei Akiva Youth Movement, an education focused worldwide community, providing Jewish education, Israel education, life changing programmes and camps for over 125 000 members throughout the world. Originally founded in 1929, Bnei Akiva is currently the largest youth movement in the world. Over the last seven decades, Bnei Akiva South Africa has transformed into the largest and most active youth movement in our country. Through love and dedication, the Bnei Akiva Madrichim continue to instill within our community’s youth a strong love for Judaism, a passion for Israel and a sense of responsibility to ones fellow man, which are the core values of the organisation. Furthermore, Bnei Akiva has inspired our communities youth to live fulfilled Jewish lives both here in South Africa and in Israel. Bnei Akiva continues to build thousands of leaders every year based on love; the love for Torah, the land of Israel and the nation of Israel.

Our programs are bigger than ever before- our past 3 Machanot have had over 750 channichim on each, and this year we are sending over 160 channichim to our beloved state of Israel.Owing to your continued support, we have never turned away a single channich or madrich for financial reasons.We believe no channich or madrich should be denied an opportunity on our camps, seminars, Israel programs, weekends and weekly events due to financial stress and the aim of this fundraiser is to ensure that everyone can participate and benefit from them.

CSO (Community Security Organisation)

The Community Security Organisation  “CSO “ was established 25 years ago to protect Jewish life and the Jewish way of life while empowering our community to protect itself. We are a critical pillar of Jewish life in South Africa with an ever increasing responsibility in a changing world. Globally, terrorism and anti-Semitism have become a feature of modern life and South African is no exception. In keeping with our mission and the growing challenges we face, the CSO continues to ensure the security of the Jewish community while still maintaining our unique Jewish way of life. It is for this reason that protecting our community requires a great deal more effort and a much larger investment than ever Please help us so that we can continue to help you.

Currently the CSO operates by covering only basic necessities with no reserve and relies on the commitment, dedication and passion of its strong volunteer base. It is our hope to secure funding to ensure volunteer and staff continuity, recruit and train new volunteers, build resources and continue to ensure that we can be proudly Jewish in a safe and secure environment. Your contribution will allow us to focus on protecting
Jewish life and Jewish way of life in South Africa.before.

We offer patients afflicted with Cancer and their families lifestyle support. We attend to the “soft issues” of their arduous journey. We offer all services at no charge. Among many services and activities we provide, we LINK patients with survivors, patients with other patients, patients with volunteers – iro “Au Pair” and “concierge” type services. eg: going daily to homes to do homework with children whose parents are being treated, or siblings of young patients being treated. We take our members on regular outings to lift their spirits such as ice skating and bowling. We provide meals to homes, delicacies and treats to the hospitals, trained volunteers to sit with patients during treatment and hospitalization, inspirational speakers, counselling services, flowers & gifts through the year, alternative therapies such as reflexology, massage, pampering manis and pedis or just a “meet” to enjoy a cuppa and offer support and inspiration. ?We have organised many wonderful holidays for many ” DL Link Families”  through people donating their bookings to us, at places such as Umhlanga Sands, Bantry Bay and Sabi Sabi.

We host a 4 week course, Hoping is Coping, organized and facilitated by Denise Bernstein, a 17 year Cancer survivor, Cansa and Hospice trained. Professor Donde, Radiation Oncologist. Gayle Landau, Oncology Dietitian, a Social Worker and a survivor are our guest speakers. We generally have approximately 20-25 patients and their caregivers at our sessions which we run beginning every two months.We have established a vibrant center from which all the activities take place. This has created a safe, comfortable space for Cancer Patients going through treatment to experience all our services.

Great Park Synagogue

The history of our Shul dates back to the very beginnings of the city of Johannesburg. On the tenth of July 1887 – a mere year after the city’s founding – a meeting took place in Mr. B. Wainstein’s shop where a unanimous decision was passed that “the time is ripe for the present meeting to form itself into the Witwatersrand Goldfields Jewish Association”.

The initial responsibilities of the association included maintaining the Jewish burial grounds as well as holding religious services for the early Jewish pioneers of Johannesburg. On 19 September 1887 the first Rosh Hashanah service was held in the Rand Club to accommodate the over 500 worshipers who attended the services.


Habonim Dror Southern Africa

Habonim Dror Southern Africa is a non-profit Zionist Jewish Youth Movement that aims to bring together Jewish Youth from across Southern Africa.  We aim to educate Jewish Southern African youth on Zionism, Judaism and concerns of Humanity. We aim to inspire Jewish Southern African youth to prioritise and actualise Judaism, Zionism and Service to Humanity in their lives, whilst living out the values of tolerance, peace, equality, freedom, respect and human rights. With a focus on informal education, Judaism, Zionism and leadership building, the movement is constantly running events for its chaverim. These events range from weekly meetings to mini-machanot over weekends to Israel tours and programmes.

As a communal organisation Habonim Dror Southern Africa strongly believes that every Jewish Channich/a should have the opportunity to be a part of the movement, regardless of financial status. It has become increasingly evident over the years that more and more families find themselves in financially compromising positions. Our aim of fundraising for this event is to ensure that we do not have to turn away participants to our programmes (Israel Tours/Machanot/Seminars/Leadership Programmes etc) due to financial strain.

IUA-UCF (Israel United Appeal – United Communal Fund)

The goal of the Israel United Appeal – United Communal Fund is to ensure the safety, security and dignity of every member of the South African Jewish community with a strong Israel in our hearts.Through our various activities and fund-raising we have been able to support our worthy and very vital beneficiaries.

IUA donations are used mainly to fund local Zionist activities of the SAZF and the Israel Centre.UCF contributions are used to protect Jewish interests and rights in South Africa. Security is of paramount importance to our campaign and through our beneficiaries, the CSO, SAJBD and SAUJS we are able to fight anti-Semitism, anti-Israel sentiment and ensure our civil rights and physical safety.As the ground zero for the fight against our enemies, we have had remarkable success in countering their determined efforts.We are very grateful to our donors whose support and understanding enables us to continue funding these essential organisations so that they persevere with their important work of protecting our community and our rights.By running as an IUA-UCF supporter you can help us make a difference and help us fight the injustice and ensure our security and future.

Jewish Women’s Benevolent Society

Since our inception in 1893, we have provided and hope to continue to provide vital services to the needy in our Jewish community. For the past 125 years (making us the oldest Women’s organisation in Johannesburg) we have extended a hand of support and friendship, helping those in need to live with dignity and hope.There are five main services that we pride ourselves on providing:
Welfare Services

These funds are necessary to provide food, shelter, clothing, medicines and drug rehabilitation to the indigent in our community who would otherwise be destitute.

These funds are used to educate those children with remedial difficulties, who would not otherwise be able to afford such. Also children are afforded the opportunity of primary and tertiary education, allowing them to contribute in the future to society
“55” Social Club

Funds are used to provide the members with a hot meal and entertainment 2x per week. This Club helps alleviate their loneliness and isolation and the members feel welcomed by our Volunteer Committee members who run the Club. Transport is provided to and from the Club.
Clothing Depot

Funds are used to provide clothing, new underwear, shoes, and school uniforms to those who cannot afford to make these necessary purchases thus enabling them to live in our community with dignity.

In today’s economic climate the demands for assistance are ever increasing. Our organization strives at all times to make a difference to the well-being of others in the community who are experiencing extreme hardships and exceptionally traumatic times.With your assistance you will be supporting an organization that aims to make a difference to those people in the community who are dependent on the generosity of others for so much that so many take for granted: shelter, clothing, food, education & friendship.


Netzer South Africa is for the dreamers, the believers, the explorers, the philosophers, the nerds, the artists and everyone in between. Netzer is for everyone. Netzer is a family, a place to come home to, where you can be whoever you want to be. We believe in the ideals of Progressive Judaism, while striving for Reform Zionism and building sustainable communities of Progressive Jews across the globe.Netzer South Africa has branches in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, where we engage Channichim from Grade 1 – 12 in different activities throughout the year.

Netzer Durban is our smallest sniff in South Africa, but it has a core group of dedicated members who are making it happen! Durban hosts events throughout the year with the Progressive Community, such as; shabbattons, regular activities, fun days, the Zionist Caravan and all Chaggim.

Netzer Cape Town hosts an array of events throughout the year, from Shabbat Magic Ma’amadim (Creative Services), Mini Machanot, Shabbatons (Sleepovers), Community Events and their Annual Variety Show and Amazing Auction, to our fabulously fun Summer Camp in Glencarin.

Netzer Gauteng spans two cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria, running regular activities, like Shabbatons, Chaggim, Hadracha Seminars, Tikkun Days, Movie Nights and many more. We have an amazingly dedicated group of channichim who love attending our events.

Rambam Charitable Trust

The Rambam Charitable Trust is a community free loan society and lender of last resort for members of the South African Jewish community who require financial assistance. Once all requirements have been met and sureties have been approved, an Interest free loan with a repayment schedule usually over 24 months is provided to the recipient.

The trust aims to ensure that funds provided uplift the recipient and do not become a burden. The loan requirements are less stringent than those imposed by banks and funds are available within a few days. The Rambam trust assists borrowers who are unable to obtain credit from other sources.The trust is administered by trustees comprising dedicated business people and professionals, each assigned with their specific responsibilities. All personal and private information which may be disclosed by applicants are kept with the utmost confidentiality.

The aim of the trust is to service members of the entire South African Jewish community.

SAUJS (South African Union Of Jewish Students)

SAUJS is a non-profit organisation that caters to the needs of Jewish students in South Africa across the different University campuses. Our projects are aimed at keeping Jewish students active and involved in both South African and Jewish affairs, and our mission is to develop and strengthen Jewish identity on University campuses across South Africa. SAUJS stands on three pillars: Judaism, Zionism and South Africa, upon which our events, campaigns and programs are based. It is under these three pillars that we encourage students to be involved in the different events and activities organised by the various portfolios. Our work is not always easy, but we have a passionate team of students who volunteer their time & energy for the sake of what’s right.

The goal of the fundraising is to participate in this unique event alongside our partner organisations in a community cohesion event. We hope to fundraise to enhance the various events and activities we cater for our students and carry on being the presence we are!

SAFI (South African Friends of Israel)

Over 7 years ago the South African support for Israel beyond the Jewish community of South Africa, was essentially unknown.In South Africa, Israel on a political level, has become increasingly demonized to the extent that large sectors of the ruling party, key partners of government and the media portray Israel as an ‘enemy’ of the state.

For this reason South African Friends of Israel was created under the mandate of the South African Zionist Federation and the South African Zionist Federation Cape Council.We recognise the importance of fostering ties of friendship and understanding, between Jews and Christians and in general between different faith communities in South Africa. We appreciate the need to stand together to protect our religious rights, heritage sites and our shared Biblical connection to the Holy Land and are committed to empowering South Africans and alleviating discrimination through educational programmes which we believe will go a long way to remove racism and antisemitism. SAFI (South African Friends of Israel) has to have its own character and own drivers but would also have the support of the Jewish community as well as the Israel Embassy. SAFI was created to maintain and build relationships with different cultural, religious and ethnic communities within South Africa in order to educate and advocate for Israel.  SAFI does not only reach out to Christian Zionists, but have also received tremendous support from the Hindu Maha Sabha, Italian, Hellenic , Portuguese communities and many more communities and organisations.


 For the past 85 years we, the United Sisterhood, have reached out and touched the lives of thousands of people who needed our services and our care.The welfare of the underprivileged in our community is our primary concern, particularly the aged, many of whom are still living alone in Hillbrow and surrounding areas.Our Jewish Family Assistance Fund was founded in 1989 for the sole purpose of assisting these and other less fortunate Jewish members of our community.

 We donate food parcels to many of these families on a monthly basis.We also assist financially, with medical expenses, rentals, school fees etc.We pledge to safeguard the identity of people who come to us for help offering charity with dignity, by giving a Hand-Up not a Hand-Out.

Help us continue this legacy by joining us at the Maccabi’s fun run.  You just need to register on-line at WWW.MACCABI.CO.ZA and select UNITED SISTERHOOD as your charity of choice.

Students that enter and participate under our banner will be awarded with 4 hours of community service hours from the United Sisterhood.

WIZO ( Women’s International Zionist Organisation)

WIZO is the premier Women’s Zionist Organisation in South Africa, and is part of a network of one of the largest Zionist woment’s organisations globally. Our projects include day-care centres, a diagnostic and rehabilitation centre for youth at risk, a project called Neve WIZO which is a set of 5 townhouses, providing a loving, substitute family structure for children who are removed from their homes by court order, and Beit Haochem, and innovative facility for Israel’s many victims of war and terror.

Since its inception, the women of WIZO have stood for women’s rights and helped women in all echelons of society. Adapting to emergent needs, our social efforts today specifically target women living with violence, single mothers and teenage girls at risk all while developing young vibrant social women leaders. We aim to empower women across Israel, to raise the numbers of women in positions of power and influence, to promote policies and legislation that aim to achieve gender equality and to reduce violence in Israeli society.

WZO – World Zionist Organization

The World Zionist Organisation – Department for Diaspora Activities (WZO-DDA) is dedicated to engaging young people in open and honest dialogue about Israel and both recognizes the importance and uniqueness of the Jewish State but also recognizes the importance of respectful criticism as we strive to build a country that truly reflects pluralism and democratic values.

Yad Aharon & Michael

RUN FOR SUSTENANCE WITH  YAD AHARON & MICHAEL (Johannesburg’s largest and leading independent Jewish Food Fund) – and assist us in ensuring that those less fortunate in our community are afforded the basic right to nutritionally balanced, fresh produce food parcels on a weekly basis.

You will also be supporting our Soup Kitchen; In-house Supermarket; Chickens for Shabbos initiative; and Ohr Natanel (school lunchbox project).On behalf of our clients we thank you for running/walking for our worthy organisation – “it’s the heart of our partners that feeds the soul”.  More information can be found by visiting www.yadaharon.co.za

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