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Maccabi SA to boost sports activities at Machanot

3 December 2015
Donation of brand new sports gear by Maccabi SA is aimed at boosting the leisure and sports experience at Jewish youth movements' Machanot.

Maccabi SA has donated new sport and recreational equipment to Betar, Bnei Akiva, Habonim Dror and Netzer for their end of year camps for 2015. The youth movements are an important constituency of the South African Jewish community and Maccabi SA has begun to build relationships with each, primarily through supporting and facilitating sporting activities. This is in line with a key 2016 objective for Maccabi SA of ‘’de-couching’’ the youth by encouraging them to participate in competitive and fun outdoor exercise.

Maccabi SA Sports Director Alain Nathan met with the Rosh Machaneh of each youth movement to hand over the sports gear including soccer and rugby balls, beach bats and balls as well as frisbees. It is hoped that the equipment will enrich the youth’s leisure experience at the Machanot and provide them with the incentive to get outdoors and be active, thereby encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

In the future, Maccabi SA plans to expand its involvement in the holiday camps by hosting friendly tournaments and also sports based team building exercises for both boys and girls.

A very big thank you to Michael Bolel of DTR Sports who very kindly sponsored the frisbees. DTR sports is a one stop shop for all your sports equipment needs. Contact Michael on 082 894 5080.

Maccabi SA wishes all of the youth movements a healthy, safe and sporting Machaneh.

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