Our People

Maccabi South Africa is managed and staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers and one full time employee, comprising skilled administrators, managers and coaches who each bring extensive knowledge and experience acquired in their professional lives to the organisation.

The team has strong bonds based on a love for Israel and a passion for sport. Some members are accomplished sportspersons who have competed at the Maccabiah, some still compete in their chosen sports, while others are ardent sports fans.

Maccabi SA, like its counterparts across the world, is driven by a powerful spirit of community service and a desire to help people of all ages get active, whether it’s in social, recreational or competitive sport.

In order to optimise its service to the community, Maccabi SA undertook a review of its constitutional and governance structures, to bring them in line with current organisational needs and best practice. A new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) was officially adopted in 2019, following an 18-month process of review, discussion and consultation.

In accordance with the MOI, a new Board of Directors was elected at the AGM on 3 November 2019. In Nov 2021, two board members were rotated in line with governance requirements: Gina Isserow replaced David Silverman as the Western Province representative, while Maccabi SA’s 2022 Head of Delegation, Farrell Cohen replaces long serving member Des Hyman. Des however remains as a permanent invitee to meetings of the Board of Directors.

Board of directors

Professional staff

  • Jarred Gronemann Sports Director

    Jarred was appointed Maccabi SA Sports Director in July 2018. He holds a BCOM Degree in Sport Management from RAU. Jarred has been involved in Sports and eventing for over 20 years. He seeks to continually engage with the SA Jewish community in expanding Maccabi SA’s activities and events. He is passionate about Israel, an avid sports fan, enjoys spending time with his family and partaking in outdoor activities. You can contact him via email – admin@maccabi.co.za


Maccabi Western Province is a sub-committee of Maccabi South Africa. Based in Cape Town, this team of volunteers, supported by dedicated and enthusiastic parents, continues to achieve excellent results through the delivery of a successful sports and recreational programme for all ages.

As at 17 October 2019:

Co-Chairpersons: Vanessa Arelisky and Gina Isserow

Treasurer: David Silverman

David King (Zionist Fed Liason)

Lisa Heilbron (Fundraising)

Saul Jackson (Sports Director)

Sports Convenors

Each Maccabi SA sport is headed up by a Sports Convenor. Their role is twofold: to organise and manage a local programme of events, and to select and manage team(s) and/or individuals to compete at the Maccabiah and other Regional Games. Maccabi SA’s Convenors are passionate, dedicated volunteers whose tireless efforts make a valuable contribution to our sporting community.

Maccabi SA Convenors Nov 2020  cat-arrow

Past Chairmen

1950-1958 Ian Maltz 1982-1987 George Mendelsohn
1958-1963 Alf Blumberg 1987-1992 Natie Liberman
1963-1967 Ian Maltz 1992-1993 Issy Bacher
1967-1972 Louis Gecelter 1993-1997 Jeanne Futeran
1972-1975 Arthur Goldman 1998-2002 Abe (Butch) Blacher
1975-1979 Wilfred Lissack 2002-2007 Raymond Hack
1979-1982 Monty Manoim 2007-2010 Mervyn Tankelowitz