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Maccabi SA gets a Brand Makeover

6 December 2015
Maccabi SA is delighted to announce the launch of our new corporate identity and online home.

As part of our strategic evolution, Maccabi SA conducted a thorough brand and communications analysis during the course of 2015. The two key areas identified were the need for a refreshed image to accompany our new strategic direction, as well as improved communications platforms to better connect with our audience. In simple terms, we needed a bit of a makeover.

The previous ‘’scroll logo’’ has proudly represented Maccabi SA’s heritage and achievements for 20 year, however the timing is right for an update. The new modern logo, developed by Johannesburg Creative Director Dave Doubell, consists of a Magen David enclosing stylised Hebrew text that reads, from right to left, MACCABI. It presents a strong connection to our roots and our global family as the Magen David and font is inspired by the logo of our governing body, Maccabi World Union (MWU). MWU’s logo has also been incorporated by many of its Federations for their own emblems, thus creating a link between Maccabi SA and our worldwide counterparts. The two shades of blue in our logo are a connection to both MWU and Israel, while the green and gold sporting colours of South Africa represent our enduring national pride.

Overall, we think the new Maccabi SA logo is a fitting and expressive illustration of our revitalised identity and corporate vision. We hope that the emblem is one which the Jewish sporting community can relate to and be proud to be associated with.

Our brand makeover includes the launch of this informative and user-friendly website which now serves as our core communications tool. The site is packed with a variety of content including the latest Maccabi and community sporting news and nachas, information on upcoming events and the 2017 Maccabiah, photo galleries and 80 years of Team Maccabi SA’s achievements since 1935. We look forward to engaging and connecting with the community via this website as well as through our growing social media channels on Facebook (Maccabi South Africa) and Twitter (@MaccabiSA).

We are proud and excited to embark on this new era for Maccabi SA, dressed for success in our new brand identity. It is appropriate that we launch during Hannukah, as the Maccabi movement is named after Judah Maccabee, the son of a Jewish Priest in Palestine who transformed a band of rebels into a skilled fighting force. In 164BC, following Maccabee’s victory over the Seleucids, they succeeded in re-consecrating the Temple in Jerusalem which we celebrate on Hannukah. Maccabee believed that moral and spiritual strength was not enough to protect the Jewish people and emphasised the importance of physical fitness, a philosophy which remains a cornerstone of Maccabi today.

We have a variety of exciting projects planned for 2016, and of course are eagerly looking forward to the 2017 Maccabiah in Israel. Join in the action as we mobilise the Jewish sporting community!

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